iPhone 5 and iOS 5 release date hints due to staff vacations September 25, 2011

It looks almost certain now that we are tantalizingly close to the release of the next iPhone, and the next version of Apple’s operating system. We now have reports of iPhone 5 and iOS 5 releases date hints due to staff vacations being blocked by Apple. There are now claims that Apple has begun refusing requests for employee vacations, and according to AppleInsider this is during the second week in October. This could mean the company is getting ready for a huge increase in…

Apple MacBook Pro – No Airport Card Installed September 22, 2011

If you are getting No Airport Card Installed, sometimes after a crash, here is what to do: try this first off, it has worked every time for me, Turn Machine off, then power on with the Ctrl, Option, P & R keys pressed, once it has cycled, then you can let it boot. Hey presto, airport card is back

Education Authority iPad Project September 22, 2011

A local technology college, that had a vision of being the leaders in the education space, for innovative technology, got part way through a project to deliver IPads to all pupils and staff, to provide a more flexible learning environment, but they just had one last challenge before this project could go live, it was around the application delivery and data security. We worked with them on this to solve the problem through innovation. This was done by implementing a…

CIT Webdesign September 22, 2011

Here at Carrera IT Ltd we specialise in producing a range of creative and practical IT Solutions which help to promote and sell your business products and services. BESPOKE WEB SOLUTIONS Our friendly and professional team are experienced in designing bespoke websites to suit our customers individual needs, enhancing brand and corporate identity where relevant and optimising your market on a global scale. Web presence is the most cost effective way of marketing your company and is paramount in connecting…

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